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Tire Change in North Miami

As the tire specialists in North Miami Beach, Goodyear Autoservice Center can assist with any issues you may have with your tires, from mending a flat to providing you with a whole new set of wheels. Contact us today for assistance!

When should I change my tires?

For the best driving experience, replacing worn tires is vital. To know if your tire is too worn out to be safe, have a look at the treads. Most tires have wear bars set at about 2/32 of an inch from the bottom of the threads that are a good indication as to how worn out the tire is.

If the bar is flush with the thread, it’s time to change the tires. Always make sure to check several areas of the tire since tires generally do not wear out evenly.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether your tires need changing or not, visit Goodyear Autoservice Center and we will check them for you.

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  • Tire Alignment
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  • Coolant Flush
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Goodyear keeps you moving

How do I choose new tires?

Shopping for tires may not sound like the most thrilling experience in the world, but once you’re enjoying a smooth ride once again, you’ll appreciate the time you took.

There are a few things that will make choosing the right tires for your vehicle simpler. First of all, check your owner’s manual or the placard on the side of the driver’s door to find the recommended tire sizes. The label will look something like P225/60B17 97T – the P stands for passenger car, the first set of numbers relates to the various tire measurements like width, height and diameter. The B stands for how the tire is put together (in this case bias, meaning the layers of the tire run diagonally). The 97T part of the sequence refers to the load the tire can bear, and the speed rating. When choosing new tires, it is crucial that the first part of the sequence matches, but you have the flexibility to go higher or lower with the load and speed rating.

Goodyear Autoservice Center can fit the tires for you and also check the alignment to ensure that your drive is as smooth as possible.

North Miami Beach

Our care is fast and fair

Because so much is riding on your tires!

From oil changes to tire realignment, our services are designed to be affordable and effective in ensuring that you are safe as you go about your business. Contact us today if you have any concerns over the roadworthiness of your vehicle!

For more information about our services, call us at 305-627-3427

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